There are many gorgeous options when it comes to diamond shapes for rings, but what are they? Below is a quick reference guide so you can get to know the most popular gem shapes.

Image of a 1.12 Carat Round Cut Diamond

Round Cut

For women who value elegance and tradition, a round cut diamond is for you. With 58 facets and 360 degrees, the round diamond signifies the sparkle and enduring love of your union together. This cut is perfect when you aren’t sure what to get, yet know she’s simply elegant and traditional.

Image diagram shows the length-to-width ratio compares the length of this 0.50-Carat Princess Cut Diamond.

Princess Cut

The princess cut emits the same amount of reflective light as a round cut diamond; however, the lady who wants a princess cut is a bit more trendy than one who chooses a round stone. This lady is a true romantic with a touch of spontaneity and liveliness. She knows how to live life, and wants the spark of love to shine.

Image of a Genuine Natural 1.02 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut

A cushion cut diamond, also known as a pillow cut, attracts women who are somewhat traditional and romantic. The rounded corners and large facets create a kaleidoscope effect when light hits it, emphasizing the stone’s natural beauty and rainbow of color. The cushion cut is feminine, effortless, and almost traditional.

Image of a 1.01 Carat Oval Cut Natural Diamond

Oval Cut

The woman who desires an oval cut diamond is typically an individualist with her own sense of style. She is elegant and captivating. The oval cut accentuates long, elegant fingers, and is easy to surround with colored gemstones expressing the bride’s individual style. Individualistic, expressive, and classy encapsulated into the oval cut diamond.

Image of a 0.31 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald Cut

For the bride who is strong, sophisticated, and bold, the emerald cut is perfect. This cut has long facets and layered corners that attract the sophisticated l ady who stays ahead of the trends. Due to the large, elongated facets of the emerald cut, it’s important to ensure you buy quality over carats, as imperfections are easier to see with this cut.

Image of a sterling silver ring with a large teardrop-shaped cubic zirconia stone in the center.

Pear & Teardrop Cut

A pear cut can be visualized as a combination between a round and a marquise cut diamond. It’s teardrop shape slim the fingers and create a graceful look, blending tradition and adventure. The pear cut shape attracts the light well and emits a brilliant array of color and style, shining the spotlight on the wearer.

Image of a 0.55 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher Cut

Sometimes referred to as the “square emerald”, the Assher cut diamond boasts a deep pavilion and a high crown. In simpler terms, this means it’s extremely deep and absorbs quite a bit of light. It has 58 facets like the round cut, but its unique shape gives it a unique vintage appearance. There’s a standard and a Royal Assher cut and both appeal to the woman who appreciates times past, a true vintage gal who feels things get better with age.

Image of a 1.01 Carat Oval Cut Natural Diamond

Heart Cut

The heart cut diamond is somewhat newer to the forefront of engagement ring choices. Its classic heart shape appeals to the younger bride or the hopeless romantic. She appreciates the heart-shaped reminder of her true love as she admires the diamond on her finger. Romantic, feminine, and embracing true love.

Image of a Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant Cut

In 1977, the Radiant cut ushered in a revolutionary cut that adopted the brilliance of the Emerald Cut with innovation that appealed to the modern woman. If your bride is modern, brilliant, and creative, the Radiant cut can embrace all the things you love about her. The step cut of the Radiant diamond releases the natural brilliance of the stone and radiates scintillating light to dance across the hand.

Image of a sterling silver ring with a large teardrop-shaped cubic zirconia stone in the center.

Marquise Cut

The Marquis cut diamond embraces a larger-than-life personality that’s not afraid to live on the edge. With an aristocratic air, the marquis cut exudes glamour, a creative flair, and a personality that can take the stage. The elongated football-shaped diamond may look larger than its actual carat size and lengthen the fingers, giving a complimentary look.