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Estrella Ring with Diamonds

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The Estrella Ring is made with Gemvara’s signature lab grown diamonds.

Facts about Lab Grown Diamonds:
They are 100% chemically, physically, and optically identical to those mined underground, the only difference lies in their origin.

They are not diamond imitations or simulants such as moissanite and cz.

Exceptional quality, excellent value – Lab grown diamonds are 20-40% more affordable than mined diamonds and always high quality.

Same process, different origins – Lab diamonds form in a lab using processes that duplicate the conditions under which diamonds grow beneath the earth’s surface.

Guaranteed conflict free – Lab grown diamonds are, by nature, conflict free.

Center Stone: Lab Grown Diamond
Accent Stones: Lab Grown Diamond
Primary Metal:  14K White Gold

*We strive to show the most updated price but since diamond prices can go up or down, the price and product details shown on our partner’s website are the most accurate.

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